At Big John's, we have five different products: Mesquite, Hickory, Pecan, Pinion and Firewood. All of the products are packaged in very strong poly mesh bag. All of the packages contain approximately 50 lb. of 12" to 14" inch logs. They are stacked 7 layers high, six bags per tier, totaling 42 bags per pallet. Pinion comes in 25 lb. bags of 6" logs, 63 bags per pallet.

Our prices are as follows:

Pecan, Hickory, Mesquite, Pinion & Firewood is $15.00 per bag $15.94 w/tax

Firewood* is $300.00 a cord $318.75 w/tax, $160.00 for half cord $170.00 w/tax, $95.00 for ¼ cord $100.94 w/tax, $55.00 for 1/8 cord $58.44 w/tax, & $35.00 for 1/16 cord $37.19 w/tax

*Note: Cord wood prices are based on  “Face Cord” cuts which are 16” -18” logs


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